Saturday, February 28, 2015

Standard Toy Soldier Poses: The Binoculars Guy

Binoculars are associated with officers and forward observers. Indeed, the Ideal and Tim Mee sets’ officers have a pistol in one hand and binoculars in the other. Other brands had their officers looking directly through binoculars. For boys back in the days of dimestore soldiers and bags of plastic army men, that kind of binoculars guy was pretty much useless. He was just standing there staring at something. Neither fighting nor leading, the binoculars guy was never a favorite.

While other soldiers run or crawl or shoot or do something, the binoculars guy just gapes at the world and does nothing. Granted, some can be fitted into the hatch of a toy tank, They are not too bad perched in the turret of an armored fighting vehicle. Maybe they can eb used as an extra crewman on a howitzer of part of a machine gun team. But other than that. not a favorite.

The binoculars guy was unappreciated by little boys, especially compared to such favorites as the bayonet guy, shooting rifleman and machine gunner. Forward observers are not as cool as the fellows who throw the grandes and shoot their weapons.

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