Sunday, February 1, 2015

Intelligence Bulletins, Tanks, World War II and Cold War

One of the peculiarities of World War II were various intelligence bulletins intended for front-line units. There were several types issued by different authorities. They gave recent information on various enemy and allied forces. Reading them, you can see how our side viewed the enemy at the time. You can understand how our knowledge of enemy weapons and capabilities unfolded with experiences gained in battles and campaigns.

Intelligence bulletins were issued almost monthly from 1942 into 1946. They covered the latest intelligence on enemy forces. Aimed at combat units, the bulletins discussed enemy weapons, tactics and combat techniques. This was valuable information for the men on the line. It is equally fascinating today to read how the bulletins revealed such "new" enemy weapons and the Panther tank and the fortifications at Buna.

Technical and tactical trends was a series that went into greater detail on technicalities.

The Special Series was a mixed bag of small books covering allied and enemy forces. It included books on spotting foreign vehicles and weapons. There were also books on lessons from various battles and translations of enemy combat manuals. These valuable resources give us insight into our understanding of the enemy and how he worked.

I recently compiled a DVD that has an assortment of intelligence bulletins, special series books and other intelligence resou8rnces from World War II. This puts them all at your fingertips. You get an amazing mass of information on all aspects of the war as our troops fought it.

There is a second DVD that covers tanks and armored vehicles from World War I to the Cold War. It has over 150 files on everything from armored cars to heavy tanks. Most of these have been out of print for over 15 years. If tanks fascinate you, our Tank-onomy DVD will bring you hours of enjoyment.

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