Monday, February 23, 2015

A Funny Train Story

It was a miserable day. There had been drizzle and gloom and dampness. It was also Friday, the end of the work week. We had gone to a customer way pout by Belleville or Kearny that day. I was dropped off at the Newark Subway way out near Bellville so I could make my way home. That way I could go right to Penn Station in Newark and catch the next train ot the shore.

The Newark Subway at the time rode under the city and then through an open cut out to the edge of the suburbs. The "train" was actually a pair of PCC trolley cars.

Being more used to subways and PATH trains and regular railroads, I found the Newark subway station to be a bit spare. Just concrete walls and a small sidewalk alongside the track. Waiting there, barely protected from the drizzle, i noticed something written on the wall. It was in pencil and it said:

" We don’t run trains through your bathroom. Please don’t pee in our station."

I burst out laughing. On that miserable gloomy day, that silly joke was the bright spot. Things got better from there. The subway / trolley arrived and scooted me to Newark, and the train to the Shore was there but a moment after I arrived at its platform.

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