Thursday, February 5, 2015

All Gauge Revamp

The All Gauge Model Railroading Page at is getting a complete overhaul this year. Many of the old files are being updated. For instance, the section with the old O / O27 Instructions will be receiving larger, clearer images. We do not have the old bandwidth limitations, after all. The paper kits will be fixed and some will be reformatted in newer, more popular formats. Our links page will soon be revised, with old broken links discarded. A new policy will determine which new links are accepted.

Another goal is to add a few hundred more track plans in several scales. I also want to update some of the information on trains. For instance, the trend in couplers for HO has changed and needs to be addressed.

Our garden railroad was destroyed by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, as well as some snowstorms. This summer I hope to rebuild it and to make photos of every stage. The idea will be to share techniques so others can do likewise.

If I am healthy enough this year, I will also begin to show the building of a large O / O27 layout.

Endorsements and reviews: our endorsement policy has changed greatly. We will continue to take care of our friends. Others may find our approach a bit more daunting. For one thing, I will no longer buy items to review them. I will not review things I have not handled and used. Anyone who wants a review has to provide the goods and expect us to tell it like it is. Anyone who wants further endorsements has to help support the site. The same goes for anyone wanting special announcements. While we will continue to support individual hobbyists without obligation, we will expect some kind of quid quo pro from groups, companies and organizations. As a rule of thumb, if you are profiting from the hobby, then expect to offer us some support if you want us to do the same for you and your products or services.

I am selling CDs that include Postwar and MPC Lionel "how to" manuals, layouts guides, support materials, American Flyer manuals, HO guides from both makers, real railroad resources and a lot of vintage hobby materials. The files are too big to host online, and the price of the CD is reasonable. Anything extra we make goes to support the website. You can order it here:

(If any of you are into tanks or WW2 military stuff, check this out: )

That is about all for now. We figure the revamp pf the site will be ongoing throughout 2015, and at some point will include a much easier interface for visitors. We get over 1,000 visitors per day.

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