Friday, September 4, 2015

OMOK Medieval Game for Toy Knights - for info and link, go here!

OMOK Medieval Game

The common image of Medieval Warfare is a battle between heavily-armed hordes of armored knights. The knights we imagine wore highly-polished armor and wore bright liveries. Book illustrations, movies and television shows have reinforced that image. The reality is different. The bulk of Medieval armies were footsoldiers with pole weapon: spears, bills and halberds.
Medieval figures are a big part of the toy soldier hobby. From toy figures by Johillco and Marx to exquisite, highly-accurate heraldic knights by Courtenay, they are many a collectors delight. Wargamers love them, too. Many a model of a castle has been host to a siege game complete with scaling ladders and trebuchets.

The Medieval Era for toy soldier hobbyists extends from the Viking Age to the passing of Henry VIII and the rise of national armies. In that time, the warriors went from unarmored Saxons with sword and shields to heavily-armored knights. Armies included knights in fine armor, sturdy men-at-arms and peasant levees. There were also brigands like the legendary Robin Hood and his "Merry Men". Of course, many have been replicated in miniature.

To get more enjoyment from Medieval figures, I worked on my basic OMOG rules. I felt that if the rules had merit, they would be suitable for Medieval skirmishes. The result was OMOK: One Man, One Knight. OMOK is a game that can accommodate small battles with Medieval and Ancient model soldiers. It is easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!

The basic OMOK game is available for download right now.




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