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OMOG Muskets: Game for Toy Soldier Skirmishes 1701 - 1849

The era of musket-based warfare stretched from about 1700 to the 1840s. It included the 7 Years War, American Revolution, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812, the Alamo and the Mexican-American War. For those of us growing up in America, the American Revolution was one of the first things we learned in our history classes. We learned of leaders like George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, and enemies such has Burgoyne and Cornwallis. Our lessons covered battles, too: Trenton, Brandywine, Monmouth ( less than two miles from where I sit) and Yorktown. A few companies produced figures for the Revolution. Lido, MPC and Marx made sets of Revolutionary War soldiers. The Louis Marx Company also made playsets based on a popular show about that era.

Militia from Castings Inc Series 1 metal molds
One of the big things back then was the Battle of the Alamo and the War for Texas Independence. Disney produced a series about Davy Crockett starring Fess Parker. Sterling Hayden played Jim Bowie in "The Last Command." John Wayne starred in another Alamo movie in 1960. Of course, some toymakers did their part to meet the enthusiasm of the boys. The Louis Marx Company made several Alamo playsets, which included frontiersmen, a tin-litho Alamo fort and Mexican soldiers. Marx also re-arranged these things to make Zorro playsets.

Boys in Britian and Europe had their Napoleonic Soldiers and 7 Years War troops. While we in the States played our games of the Revolution and the Alamo, they fought Waterloo and the Silesian Wars. Only in the last generation or so have plastic toy Napoleonic soldiers made their way to America. Once solely the province of metal figure collectors in the US, plastic Napoleonic troops became available to wargamers here in the States. As for American companies in recent years, BMC produced affordable playsets and figures for the Revolution and The Alamo. Barszo made several of its more expensive sets for the French & Indian War and the American Revolution.

American officer figure from Dutkins mold
The style of warfare in this period was mainly a set-piece battle. Closely-formed units of infantry and cavalry were supported by artillery. Soldiers fought in tight formations. Uniforms were bright and colorful. This was a way for governments to show their wealth and power. As men fired weapons at close ranges, there was no need for concealment.

Though the larger battles were rigidly organized, there were skirmishes between small units. This was the job of light troops such as German jager and French Voltigeurs and Tirailleurs. Light troops went ahead and skirmished with the enemy. Captain Ewald, a Hessian Jager commander and light infantry expert, detailed some of these in his books.

Ewald’s Treatise on partisan warfare

His later work on light infantry (hard to read - old version from 1803)

ewald’s diary

Emmerich was another German who fought in the Revolution as a leader of light infantry. Here is his treatise. this one is an easy read:

Emmerich’s Treatise on Partisan warfare

Foraging parties, Indian raiders and scouts might get info skirmishes when encountering each other or coming across small posts guarded by enemy troops. These battles are very different from the set-piece combat of conventional warfare of the time.

OMOG Musket is a game of small unit action of the period from 1700 to 1849. The movement and terrain are like the other OMOG games. However, the game play of OMOG Muskets has been designed to reflect combat in the Musket Era. The game is easy to learn, easy to play and lots of fun. Designed to be played anywhere with whatever is at hand. You can play the conflicts of Europe, the Americas and in colonies of the time.

Download a copy here:

There are several companies making troops for the Musket era. A couple of very affordable brands are the Revolutionary War troops by BMC and the Frontiersman by Tim Mee (Victory Buy) These sets are in the 60mm to 65mm range. The BMC figures are a bit crude, but have a variety of poses and come in different colors and types.

Tim Mee frontiersmen from Victory Buy
Recasts of Revolutionary War figures from MPC and Marx are out there. You can also find recasts of Marx frontiersmen. There are a few hobby makers who produce Revolutionary War Figures, among the Barszo and Call to Arms / Accurate

Frontiersmen from Victory Buy - Click here

For BMC, Call to Arms MPC and recast, see Toy Soldiers depot - click here

Recasts of Timpo and Airfix Napoleonic soldiers are out there. Sets are also available from Call to Arms.

Molds for those good souls who cast their own are available from several sources. Nurnberger Meisterzinn makes a set of Seven Years War Molds that can also be used for the American Revolution. A few can even produce Napoleonic. There are in the 40-42mm scale and some are more like semi-rounds.

From Castings Inc Series 1 single cavity metal mold.
Castings Inc / REB toys had a series of metal molds that make Revolutionary War and Civil War Figures. These are the Series I single cavity molds. They make a Revolutionary War militiaman in hinting shirt, #1., British rifelman #3,.Black Watch Scotsman #5 , Pennsy Rifleman #6, Marine #8, Jersey Blues #10, Continental soldier #11, and Spanish Grenadier #12. A change in paint could turn #3, #10 and #11 into other armies. I have a lot of fun painting and casting these, by the way.

Download their catalog here:

American Officers from Dutkins Molds
Dutkins makes a handful of Revolutionary War and French & Indian War molds. The Indians can be used for the Revolution, too. Among the figures are Rogers Rangers, Eastern Indians, Americans and British. They run a bit bigger than 54mm and the details are thick, but they paint up nice. There are infantry and cavalry figures. Dutkins also makes Napoleonic molds.

54mm molds

Castings Inc Revolutionary War solders from Series 1 molds
Complete catalog -

Dunken makes its own molds and also carries the Irish-made Prince August Line for the US. They have a line for Alamo, and Prince August makes 7 Year War and Napoleonic 54mm.

For people in Britain and Europe, Prince August of County Cork, Ireland makes the 54mm 7 Years War and Napoleonic line as well as 40mm scale semi-round circa 1750
NJ soldiers from Castings Inc Series 1 mold

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