Monday, September 28, 2015

Bucket O’ Muzzleblast - Miniature Wargame for 18th and 19th Century Battles

Among toy soldier collectors and wargamers, the era from 1740 to 1871 holds great fascination. More miniatures and game rules are sold for that era than for any other. Indeed, several of the most interesting conflicts in human history happened at that time. These include the Seven Years War, American Revolution, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War and the American Civil War,
Back in 2005, I had the idea of making small, easy to learn wargames that we fun and fast paced. Bucket O’ Muzzleblast evolved from several old sets of wargame rules including one by Bob Bard for the Battle of Gettysburg. The goal was to make a set that could fit everything from that era conveniently and have a good degree of realism and playability.
The other factor is adaptability. Players can adjust the rules for specific things that apply to their articular armies of conflicts. Bucket O’ Muzzleblast is easily altered to fit those specifics. It can also serve as a basis from which to develop more complex games.
Bucket O’ Muzzleblast does not require much. You need two armies of at least 20 pieces each and dice and a ruler. The artillery stick is easy to make with things found around the home or office.
Unlike our OMOG Games, Bucket O’Muzzleblast is not a skirmish game. This is a battle game where troops represent larger forces. Also, unless you have a lot of room, it is best used with smaller figures. The best would be 15mm to 30mm figures, metal or plastic. You can build an army cheaply and quickly with plastic figures. There are plastic 20mm and 25mm figures from almost any conflict from the 7 Years War to the Franco-Prussian War. They make infantry, artillery and cavalry for most armies.

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