Friday, January 22, 2016

Star Wars Command "Epic Assault" army men set

The Star Wars Command "Epic Assault" set had promise. I had some luck and found a set for a very low price. The box was far from pristine, which accounted for the discount. Of course, I care most about what is inside the box.
AT-DP Drivers
The set is promoted as having 22 pieces. These include 2 "rev" bases that work like the old pullback toys. Put a Star Wars space ship or vehicle on top, pull back ,and then it wheels forward. I played with some jousting knights like that when I was a kid.
Imperial Storntroopers and Tie Fighter pilot
The set had eight Imperial soldiers, five character figures, a robot, two AT-DPs and four spacecraft. The soldier poses included kneeling and standing shooting Stormtroopers, two AT-DP drivers and two Tie Fighter Pilots. The figures that were new to me were the drivers. They had a good pose and were well-sculpted and cast. All of the poses look like those used in the movies, by the way.
C-10 Chpper robot, Ezra bridger, Inquisitor
The character figures were unknown to me. These were three light-saber wielding figures, a skinny woman with two pistols and a thick-bodied alien with a huge blaster rifle. There was also a little can-shaped orange robot. I checked online and found that these figures were based on an animated series. The light saber figures were silver "The inquisitor", gold "Ezra Bridger", and green "Kanan Janus". A dark red "Sabine Wren" packed two pistols, and a purple "Garazeb Orrelios" had a the huge blaster. Then there was a C-10 "Chopper" can robot. The swordsmen looked slim and wispy in comparison to the soldiers.
Kanan Janus, Sabine Wren, Garazeb Orrelios
The set also had small vehicles. Two of the two-legged white "AT-DP’ land craft were included, as well as 2 black Tie Fighters, a special Tie Fighter and a ship called a Ghost. The Imperial craft were about the N scale (1/160) to TT (1/120) size. The scale of the Ghost was much smaller.
AT-DP Walkers
The sculpting on the ships and the soldiers was good. I like the animated poses and the detail. The character figures were probably based closely on the animated characters, and so have an unreal and spare look.
Tie Fighters
For skirmish games, this set is an odd assortment. The Empire has all the firepower. There are only two Rebel shooters as opposed to eight gun-toting soldiers. Of the three swordsman, one is an Imperial fighter. You can tell Imperials from other figures by the base. The Imperials all have bases with angular ends. The rebels all have bases with rounded ends.
Enhanced Tie Fighter
Of course. I could not beat the price. I had wanted to get a few of the vehicles to see how well they were made. Having a few more Imperials was icing on the cake.
"Ghost" Rebel Space Ship
Again, folks, these sets have been discontinued. I believe it was done because of the movie that was recently released. I have found that if you shop Amazon for the Star Wars Command sets, you can sometimes get better prices from "other vendors." Just remember that when using other vendors, there is a shipping fee, so calculate accordingly. The best deals I saw on Ebay were from the Hasbro Toy Shop (HasbroToyShop). Most of the other sets on Ebay were woefully overpriced. Big Bad Toy Store had a few sets reasonably priced.

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