Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review: Aliens vs. Colonial Marines Army Men by Nanotech / Diamond Select toys

The “Alien” science fiction franchise is a successful blend of sci-fi and horror. The series pits humans against a particularly volatile species of acid-dripping alien creatures. These monsters are fast, crafty and hard to kill. Good writing, good casting and good visual effects made the Alien movies a success. There was a slight deviation to a series of “Alien versus Predator” movies that did not fare well. However, the release of the movie “Prometheus” set the series back on course and assured its future.

Over ten years ago ,a company named Tree House Kids released a playset of Alien and Colonial Marine figures. The Aliens looked pretty good. The Marines were a bit gawky, with spindly legs. The sets was not well-publicized and was not produced for long.

Recently, a new set was made. These are sold in a bag like traditional toy soldiers. There are supposed to be 35 figures (mine was missing a marine, and so only had 34) There are 20 aliens and 15 (supposedly) marines. Each side is in five poses. Measuring from bottom of foot to top of head, the Marines are in the 45mm scale range. The Aliens are slighly shorter. Sculpting of the marines is thick. The Aliens sculpting is better.

Four marines carry those odd assault rifles, and one has the supposedly heavier weapon. It looks more like an FG42 from World War II. Aliens are in standing, walking, head butting and kneeling poses.

In size comparison, these figures are dwarfed by 54mm size soldiers. The Aliens would be better suited to opposing troops in the 30mm to 40mm range.
30mm SAE figure, Colonial Marine, 54mm Tim Mee Soldeir
For $8.99 plus shipping, not bad, but nothing great, either. We got ours from the Big Bad Toy Store. They have a good reputation and shipped quickly enough. (The missing marine was not their fault - the folks in China made the mistake.)
30mm SAE figure, Alien, 54mm Tim Mee brand soldier

They would not be bad for a sci-fi game, but will be notably undersized against normal 50mm to 60mm figures. For soldier collectors, size compatibility of Marines would be with the Payton and old Marx training camp set figures.

Bigbadtoystore.com had the lowest prices that I have seen.


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