Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wild West! Tim Mee Reissued Cowboys and Indians

Who are these guys?

When I saw Tim Mee’s latest reissue of Cowboys and Indians, I was baffled. Three Indians looked familiar, but not the Cowboys or the other Indians. Surprise! This set was first made in 1970 to replace the earlier sets, whose molds had seen better days. By 1970 I was into Hobby figures and was not into the Wild West genre at the time. That is why I never picked up a bag of these before.

Obviously, this is a set I am seeing for the first time.

First, these cowboys and Indians are big. They are in the 65mm to 75mm scale. Big! And they have crisper sculpting and better details than a lot of the old Western toy figures that were out there. Even the Indians I recognized seem to have been given a tune-up. They look good. Paint them up and you would have a fine set of figures. That goes for Cowboys and Indians.

For a Wild West shootout game, you have an assortment of two riflemen and four pistol-packing cowboys. One of the pistol shooters is standing but wounded. Painting would bring out the details. Also, an average toy soldier hobbyists could easily convert these figure into other poses.

The Indians have a standing and kneeling archer, two tomahawk men, a man crawling with rifle and a spearman with shield. They would also look great painted.

This set of Cowboys and Indians are sized just right to go wit h1/29 and 1/25 scale Large Scale trains. They are sized just right to fit the Western locomotives and cars made by Hartland Locomotive Works. Set some of these Cowboys and Indians up, painted of course, alongside your diamond stacked locomotive and they will look great! A little work could easily turn these figures into the folks you might find at a Western railway station back in the 1880s.

I have to admit I miss some of the old poses. The cowboy charging with rifle and the Indian standing and looking, his hand shielding his eyes, were two of my favorites way back when. However, they were nowhere as realistic as the current reissues of Tim Mee Cowboys and Indians. The old ones were fine as toys. The new ones are fine toys, too, and they would also look great in a Western diorama.

You can order the set of Cowboys and Indians from here: Victory Buy


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