Monday, July 13, 2015

Tim Mee brand "Backwoods Battle" Frontiersmen

The Tim Mee "Backwoods Battle" Frontiersmen arrived here at a fortuitous time. I had been looking at some pictures of Revolutionary War soldiers. The hunting shirts were popular attire in those days. They were mostly homespun, sturdy and easy to maintain. Some units made uniforms by having their hunting shirts dyed the same color. A little paint and the Tim Mee Frontiersmen become Revolutionary War riflemen!

The Tim Mee frontiersmen were made during the 1950s, when frontiersmen such as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were popular. The raccoon cap - almost every kid had one - were as popular as cowboy hats. Movies and serials about the Alamo and Crockett brought the historical frontiersmen to the forefront. It is no irony that the hunting clothes of the Revolutionary Era were pretty much the same cut as those of the buckskin clad frontiersman seen on television.

There is the added charm of Tim Mee’s Frontiersmen. They are in animated poses, good sculpting and enough detail to be worth painting. The set has six men on foot and three for horseback. Unfortunately, the current owners of Tim Mee do not have horse molds, so the mounts will have to be bought elsewhere. Nevertheless, this is an exciting set of figures. And perhaps it is no coincidence that several of the poses are similar to those of the early set of Cowboys and Indians.

Among the foot poses are standing and kneeling shooters, kneeling man firing flintlock pistol, man standing with eyes shaded by his hand, a man advancing with rifle at his waist, and another about to club with his rifle. Mounted figures are a man firing rifle, a man firing pistol and holding a knife, and a man holding his rifle and a powder horn. That is a pretty good assortment.

Here is where it get really nice. The outfits on the frontiersmen can be painted as buckskin or Revolutionary War hunting shirts. The fringes are all in the right places for both. The raccoon hat and wide-brimmed hat would be appropriate for both, too. If someone wanted heads with a tricorn or other hat, he can find a few among the BMC / Americana Revolutionary War figures. These frontiersmen are sized just right for use with BMC, and will also look good with 54mm and 60mm figures.

Tim Mee Frontiersmen can be used for the French & Indian War, American Revolution and the Alamo. They were made to fit Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett themes. It just so happens the weapons of the time and the frontier clothing were similar for all three eras.

The horse for these fellows were bigger than those sold with 54mm figures. When you look for horses, look for those in the 60mm to 70mm scale.

You can get the Tim Mee "Backwoods Battle" Frontiersmen from Victory Buy

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