Monday, September 4, 2017

Big Bucket of Zombies!

All the Zombies you can stand!

Arriving this morning was an unexpected surprise: a Big Bucket of Zombies - 100 pieces! Inside are Zombies, scared people, headstones and Zombie Dogs cast in light and dark gray. The figures are of the caricature type, though some of the poses are gruesome. Here is a great way to build an army of Zombies to play our Zombie Supplement to OMOG Advanced.

The tube is almost two feet long!
3 Female Zombies and 2 scared people at right.

5 Zombie males, one with an axe stuck in his head

Two Zombie dogs and kneeling Zombie eating entrails
Zombie leaving grave, slithering Zombie and two tombstones

In case you have not heard, we have posted a tentative set of Rules for a Zombie game. It is a supplement to our modern skirmish game rules, OMOG Advanced. The tentative Zombie Supplement to OMOG Advanced is available at our Shambattle and OMOG Facebook group at

These are a set of tenatative rules for a Zombie game supplement to OMOG Advanced (obtainable free at  and )

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