Friday, April 28, 2017

Review: Tim Mee M41 Walker Bulldog Tank and Tactical Troops

The reissued Tim Mee Walker Bulldog tank with troops is BIG. The body is 10.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide.  With barrel, the length is 14.5 inches. For a plastic toy tank, it is a very good representation of the M41 Light tank. Open the turret and there’s the commander. And the engine compartment opens. For kids, it’s a good place to stash army men.

Back in the early 1960s, a popular toy was a battery-operated “Walker Bulldog” tank that  moved and fired plastic toy bullets. It was big, as toys go. The toy was made by Remco. The toy was only marginally like the tank for which it was named.

The Tim Mee M41 looks very much like the real thing ,through it is neither battery operated, nor does it shoot.

I estimate the scale as between 1/18 and 1/20.

Back in the 1990s, this same tank was advertised as an M60. Any resemblance to the M60 series of US tanks is tenuous, at best. Those who know US armor can see that it is the venerable M41.

Tim Mee packed in a dozen figures. These are the 60mm sized Tim Mee SWAT team cast in olive drab plastic. They are described as “tactical troops.” I find that intriguing, as the predecessor to SWAT police were the “tactical units.” And if you look at these figures closely, you get a blast from the past. The helmets are the older tactical helmets which look like motorcycle headgear. Three figures are carrying pistols. These are revolvers. Police preferred revolvers because they were less prone to jamming than automatics. That changed in the 1980s.

Two officers have billy clubs on their belts. One man holds a riot shotgun, one a sniper rifle and the other a tear gas grenade launcher. These are unique figures and they are very accurately detailed for the time they were originally sculpted. For the plastic toy soldier collector, the tactical troops are worthy additions to your collection. They are unusual, unique, and accurately reflect tactical officers in the late 70s - early 80s.

BTW - six of these tactical troops were included in the Tim Mee black helicopter Strike Force a couple years ago. They were molded in black plastic. Indeed, one of the things that the early SWAT cops brought to the table were helicopters, used for both observation and to insert teams.

Frankly, the Tim Mee M41 tank is too big for tabletop wargaming. On the other hand, it is a great toy for both indoor and outdoor play. Large, sturdy and attractive, the Walker Bulldog can provide kids with the centerpiece of many a sandbox battle. It is big, it looks good - and realistic - and it is made well. I’ll keep this around to entertain small visitors. This is one toy they can play with in the backyard.

By the way, I have been told that the small 3.5 inch G.I. Joes and similar sized figures are a perfect for this excellent tank!

Here is a link to buy one for yourself:


  1. Funny. I was just thinking about these SWAT guys as I was painting a few police figures about the same scale. Also a big fan of Remco's military stuff, the 3.5 figures in particular.

  2. God bless America