Friday, January 30, 2015

Why Another Hobby Blog?

My presence on the net includes a couple of hobby sites. Among them are the All Gauge Page for model railroading, the Army Men Homepage for toy soldiers, Toy Soldier Art for my handcast and handpainted soldiers, and Milihistriot for the military historical stuff.  I have another blog related to spiritual matters, and so not appropriate for hobby discussions.

This is a big world with much to interest people, especially me. I am met with things of wonder on every side. History provides insight into things that have gone before. Science takes me to things that are known and others that are to be revealed. Oceanography, geology, physics, astronomy, astrophysics, seismology, vulcanology...there is so much to learn there! Spirituality takes me to the nature of the human spirit, matters of divinity and the meaning of it all. Life fascinated me, and so does creativity. There should be no wonder I also take joy in hobbies.

 I took time to brush up on science and bought several courses on physics, astronomy and history. Watching the best type of science shows on television, it became embarrassingly clear that there were gaps in my education. Things has changed and there was much to learn, so courses seemed logical.  A company called The Teaching Company made it practical for me. This attitude goes back to the ;ate 60s.  I had a great aunt who had been a schoolteacher in the days on single-room classrooms. Talk about multitasking! She was interested in everything.  Well into her eighties and blind from old age, she was still thrilled to learn and discuss everything from the Space program to her favorite baseball team. The old teacher believed that the worst thing was to stop learning. I agree.

The past two years have been difficult. My physical health was adversely affected. In spire of it, I have tried to keep myself busy. Things took a dive this Summer and my health deteriorated quickly. This past November, I had open heart surgery. That gets me at least another 20 years of living.

Hobbies are away to experience life and to create. Just as we must keep interested and teachable, so we must stay creative. Whether it is sculpting a military miniature, painting up a box of toy soldiers or running O27 trains. it is an expression of Life.

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